For the sake of serving the language of the Quran as well as taking upon itself the responsibility of 
upgrading the Arabic tongue that God has made eternal, due to the eternality of the Quran, KSA– the country of the Tow Holy Mosques– seeks to propagate the Arabic language, facilitate its learning and advocate its issues. It is Arabic language institutes in KSA universities that have nursed this international mission, and they still offer their rich expertise in the field of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.

From amongst the firs-class academic names that come ahead in the field of Teaching Arabic to Non-Arabic Speakers, King Abdulaziz University (KAU) comes as having taken care of this academic field for three decades. University president Dr. Usama Bin Sadiq Tayyib relatedly took his decision on 24/9/1430 AH to formulate a committee as to the establishment of the Arabic Language Institute at KAU, and it was really confirmed on 28/9/1431 AH by the Supreme Council for High Learning after the royal acceptance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques was issued on 28/9/1431 AH.

Since then, the Arabic Language Institute has been trying ahead of time to furnish a distinguished academia that contains all administrative and technical required elements, material and humans of the highest caliber so that they can achieve success. This has included the design of a well furnished building equipped with state of the art technology as well as perfect administrative planning that serve language learning. This also includes operating, administrative and consecutive strategies as well as bringing staff of the highest academic caliber to campus; they all interweave in a team-work atmosphere and a collaborative work spirit so that they can reach the peak and keep on track. Under the auspices of the university president, Dr. Usama Bin Sadiq Tayyib, the university vice deans as well as staff members feel honored to spare no pains as to conveying the sublime message of the institute.

It is with that promising initiative, the Arabic Language Institute has opened and started ambitious teaching plans and educational programs. It has also started a project of composing new updated curricula side in side with the state of the art techniques of education as well as audio visual listening and speaking tools ; even story series, electronic programs of assessment and evaluation are secured.

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