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Orientation Program for diploma students

General Diploma in Arabic as a Foreign Language


First:  About the program:

  The General Diploma in Arabic as a Foreign Language is a 60- credit hour program offered in 4 semesters of full-time study. The program is intended to develop students’ linguistic competence in all four language skills (Listening – Speaking – Reading and Writing). This will enable them to use the target language by direct contact in real life situations. Students who successfully pass with honors official assessments will be awarded a diploma certificate in Arabic as a foreign language (DCAFL). Our program mainly employs the" Arabic between Your Hands" series, published by the foundation of "Arabic for all".

Second: Study Outline
60 credit hours offered in four semesters  

 Third:   Admission Requirements: 

1- Candidates should be 17-25 years old.
2- Applicants should provide required documents, and get statement showing his/ her country approval to study in KSA.
3- Applicants should never receive any other offer of scholarship from any Saudi Institution.
4- Applicants should provide an official statement of good conduct and never convicted of criminal acts.
5- Candidates should never be dismissed from any Saudi Educational Institution.
6- All Documents need to be authenticated in accordance to university regulations.
7- Candidates need to pass medical inspection.
8- Applicants should obtain General Secondary Certificate or equivalent.

Fourth:   Admission Procedures: 

1- Exclusively considered applications are those, successfully completed, conciliating conditions, and submitted before annually announced deadlines.
2- Applications are to be initially directed to Saudi Embassies/ Consulates all over the world, and the Institute. The Institute will examine them, and send candidatures to the MOHE for final approval.
3- The relevant board at MOHE will review candidates’ papers and send endorsed lists to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for issuing entry visas.

Fifth:   Privileges for Candidates:

1- Students in AIFL are covered by medical care matching that offered to Saudi Students.

2- Each student is granted a two-month allowance upon arrival at AIFL, and a three-month allowance at graduation date.

4- Students are eligible for privileges same as Saudi students studying in Theoretical Sections.

5- Students are eligible for discounted meals in accordance with University Council regulations.

6- Students are eligible for university accommodation as well as educational and orientation counseling.

7- Students traveling by air are granted air-tickets in accordance with university regulations. In case of no tickets issued, KAU grants compensation to students who buy their own tickets immediately upon submitting satisfactory proof.

Required documents:

*   A Copy of officially certified certificates.

*   A Copy of officially certified transcripts.

* Letters of recommendation/ nomination for a scholarship award from an officially recognized Institution.

*   A Certificate of Good Conduct (or an equivalent document).

*    A recent medical checkup report.

*    A Copy of a valid passport.

*    3 recent photos (6x4 cm.).

*    A letter of consent from the applicant's country of origin.

*    Full permanent and correspondence Addresses.


* Provide required documents in (PDF) files and send to:

* Will not consider any request has not completed all the required  documents.

Applications should be sent by Deadline: 

Thursday Monday may 15. 2013 

نموذج تسجيل طلاب الدبلوم
Student's Application Form

If you finish completing the form, please attach your documents 
to this E-mail :


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